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When you submit your product you can get lots of traffic from our website. Our top list have huge traffic and you can even take advantage of this. You can also help other suggesting with the best product you love to use.

There is also the section called featured post in the list. This is paid listing and cost a little, which helps us to oprate and keep us alive. This featured post has few advantage over the free post like display is at the top of the list, link to your product is do follow as well which means the high click through rate and advantage of seo.

For the paid listing, you can send us Rs 100 through eSewa at ID 9841702152 and title as Post Submission. Once you make the successful payment, please email us at [email protected] so we can verify your post and publish it as featured post.

We are also planning to add the feature of Sponsored Post with lots of great features.

Anyways thank you for your interest on our site.

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